Test (Evaluation) Anxiety

There are several test anxiety measures available. Like the others, this measure taps the level of apprehension that students experience when they know they will be evaluated by a test. The alpha reliability estimates for this instrument can be expected to be above .85.

Directions: This questionnaire is composed of statements students have used to describe how they feel in evaluation/examination/test-like situations in their class. After each statement, indicate the number that best describes how you generally feel about taking a test or exam or being in an evaluative situation. There are no right or wrong answers. Work quickly and report your first impression. Please indicate the degree to which each statement applies to you by marking whether you:

Strongly Disagree =1; Disagree = 2; are Neutral = 3; Agree =4; Strongly Agree = 5

_____1. I feel apprehensive while preparing for a test.

_____2. I feel tense when I am studying for a test or exam.

_____3. I am calm when I am studying for a test.

_____4. I feel peaceful when I am studying for a test.

_____5. I feel fear and uneasiness when taking an exam or being evaluated.

_____6. I feel self-assured when taking an exam.

_____7. I feel fearful when preparing for a test.

_____8. I feel ruffled when the test is handed to me.

_____9. I am jumpy and nervous while taking a test.

_____10. I feel composed and in control while taking an exam.

_____11. I am bothered and tense when I am being evaluated.

_____12. I feel satisfied when my exam is completed.

_____13. I feel safe during evaluative situations.

_____14. I feel flustered and confused when I start a test.

_____15. I am cheerful after I turn in my test.

_____16. I feel happy about how I did in evaluation situations.

_____17. I feel dejected and humiliated an hour before an exam.

_____18. I feel pleased and comfortable while taking a test.

_____19. I feel confident while taking a test.

_____20. I feel unhappy throughout an exam period.


Step 1 = Add responses for the Bolded items.

Step 2 = Add responses for the unbolded items.

Score = 80 - Total 1 + Total 2

Score should be between 20 and 140. Scores of 105 and above indicate high test anxiety. Scores of 55 and below indicate low test anxiety. Scores between 55 and 105 indicate moderate test anxiety.

Source: Richmond, V. P., Wrench, J. S., & Gorham, J. (2001). Communication, affect, and learning in the classroom. Acton, MA: Tapestry Press.