Image Fixation Questionnaire

The Image Fixation Questionnaire (IFQ) is a self-report measure which was designed to measure an individual's sensitivity to their own appearance. This instrument may be used to classify individuals as to the degree to which their appearance orientation is healthy (see scoring below). Alpha reliability estimates should be above .80.

Directions: Write T (true) or F (false) beside each statement. Use the scoring at the end of the questionnaire to determine how you are doing in comparison to other North American women and men.

_____1. I think my life would improve if my body was better looking.

_____2. I would like to have/or have had cosmetic surgery.

_____3. I starve, or do not eat, at least one day a week.

_____4. I am uncomfortable around attractive people of the same age/sex.

_____5. I am constantly comparing my body and face to my peers.

_____6. I think my life would improve if my face was better looking.

_____7. I am very sensitive to other people's comments about my general appearance.

_____8. I am very sensitive to other people's comments about my weight.

_____9. I am very sensitive to other people's comments about my height.

_____10. I feel the North American culture focuses too much on appearance.

_____11. I would like to lose weight.

_____12. I would like to be taller.

_____13. I overeat at least once a week.

_____14. I will not go out in public if I do not look perfect.

_____15. I exercise so I will not get fat.

_____16. Several times each week, I feel like I look fat.

_____17. I berate myself about my general physical appearance.

_____18. Most of the time, I think I look bad in my clothes.

_____19. I change clothes constantly in order to get the "right look."

_____20. I feel there is a lot of pressure in this culture to have the "right look." 

_____21. I often buy new clothes in hopes that I will look better.

_____22. Rarely do I feel good about my overall appearance.

_____23. I will avoid social situations if I feel I do not have the right body or clothing.

_____24. I wear big clothes to hide my appearance defects.

_____25. I look in the mirror and wish I looked better.

_____26. Often I would like to trade bodies with one of my friends.

_____27. Comments from peers about what is the "right" look makes me want to change my appearance.

_____28. I find myself focusing more on how I look than who I am.

_____29. I think people judge others on their appearances more than their competencies.

_____30. If you do not have the "right" look in this culture, you will get the less than prestigious jobs.

Scoring/Interpretation: 0-10 True statements means you are handling the North American culture image fixation fairly well. 10-15 True statements means you are very sensitive to the North American culture image fixation. More than 15 true statements means you are very fixated or focused on your physical appearance. You may be very dissatisfied with your appearance.




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