A. Current Memberships in Professional and Honorary Organizations

International Communication Association (Life member)
National Communication Association (Life member)
Eastern Communication Association (Life member)
World Communication Association
International Performance Research Association
West Virginia Collegiate Communication Council
Speech Communication Association of Puerto Rico (Life Member)
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
Pi Kappa Delta (Forensics Honorary)
 B. Occasional Memberships
Academy of Management
American Educational Research Association
American Forensic Association
American Psychological Society
Central States Communication Association
Southern States Communication Association
Western States Communication Association
Association of Teacher Educators (national)
C. Offices in Professional Associations

International Communication Association

       Vice-President, 1972-74
       Interpersonal Division, Chairperson, 1972-74
       Membership Committee, Chairperson, 1975-76
       Publications Committee, Member 1977-80
       Board of Directors, Member, 1972-74, 1979-83
       Life Membership Committee, Chairperson, 1979-80
       Awards Committee, 2000-2002

World Communication Association

       Vice-President, Atlantic, 1983-1995
       Board of Directors, Member, 1983-

National Communication Association (formerly Speech Communication Association and Speech Association of America)

        Coordinator, Poster Sessions for 1999 Annual Conference
        Member, Publications Board, 1997-1999
        Member, Technology Task Force, 1997-1999
        Member, Intercultural Outreach Task Force, 1997-1998
        Chair, Short Course Selection Committee, 1995
        Commission on Communication Apprehension and Avoidance, Chairperson, 1983-84
        Dissertation Awards Committee, Chairperson, 1979
        Interpersonal and Small Group Interaction Division, Chairperson,1973-74; Vice-Chairperson, 1972-73; Secretary,   1971-72
        Behavioral Science Interest Group, Vice-Chairperson, 1970-71
        Legislative Council, Member, 1972-75; 1988-1990
        Legislative Assembly, Member, 1963-66
        Ad Hoc Committee on Evaluation, Member, 1969
        Behavioral Science Interest Group, Advisory Board Member,1969-71

Eastern Communication Association

        President, 1978-79; Vice-President, 1977-78
        Executive Council, 1977-80, 1986-88
        Interpersonal and Organizational Communication Interest Group Chairperson,  1974-76
        Finance Committee, 1985-86
        Journal Transition Committee, 1994-95
        Qualitative Journal Committee, 1998
        Publications Board, 1996-1998

American Forensic Association

        Publications Committee, Member, 1976-79
        Research Board, Member, 1972-74
        Professional Ethics and Standards Committee, Member, 1966-69
        Special Committee on High School Membership, Chairperson, 1964-65

Communication Association of the Pacific
        Advisory Board, Member, 1980-83

West Virginia Communication Association

        Executive Council, Member, 1981
West Virginia Collegiate Communication Council
        Convener, Founding Meeting, 1995

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